Noora Khalifeh created Dar Noora to combine her passions for contemporary fashion and traditional Palestinian tatreez, a centuries-old form of embroidery. Inspired by Khalifeh’s father’s souvenir shop in the Old City of Al-Quds, Dar Noora is testament to the sights, sounds, and experiences its creator reveled in as a child. Dar Noora is a modern take on classic design and Khalifeh works with local women – “the ones who work across Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, who carry out the needlework, and without whom Dar Noora would be incomplete.” The use of tatreez in her designs hints at further possibilities. “There is a rich opportunity to open and expand a uniquely Palestinian fashion industry,” she says. “It would counter the typically foreign-imposed model of economic development and empowerment with an organic, home-grown alternative, that stands to create jobs in which Palestinians would take great pride.”