Dar Noora is very proud of its social outreach and the way it connects the traditional artisans who have historically produced such complex and ornate cross-stich designs for generations to a blossoming industry and a market, to which they would otherwise not have access. Beyond outreach, Dar Noora sees this work not only as an opportunity to create expressive, novel designs never before seen elsewhere, but also as a means of preserving Palestine’s rich cultural heritage. Cultural preservation vis-à-vis incorporating traditional cross-stich in every design is one of Dar Noora’s top priorities. Furthermore, Dar Noora concerns itself with social and economic impact: Palestine needs jobs, and while many women still work in traditional tatreez, this is hardly sustainable as an industry. Beyond Tatreez, there is a rich opportunity to open and expand a uniquely Palestinian fashion industry that would counter the typically foreign imposed model of economic development and empowerment with an organic, home-grown alternative, that stands to create jobs in which Palestinians would take great pride.